My personal favorite... for now.

This background was created completely by accident, no lie.

It was during the 2015 WI Bowhunting Season when I had just started shooting photos for this camouflage thing I wanted to do. I was snapping photos randomly one evening, and just happened to aim up. 

Months later, I bought a second hand iMac and started sorting through the pictures I had taken while in the woods. 

Here is what this background does... The color variation between leaves provides depth and gives the illusion of light coming through a canopy. The blue gaps in between the leaves are close enough to white that they reflect the ambient light and therefore, match your surroundings. The overall pattern itself completely breaks up a hunters outline, especially when looking from the ground up. This would be an ideal background for those times when you are hunting from an elevated position and have little or no tree trunk or few branches to break up your outline.  PLUS, you won't find this anywhere else. Pair it with E006 Green Oak Leaves, E002 Weathered Limbs, and E005 Brown Oak Leaves to give it some added dimension and color.

Enjoy, JLKind

Sample Photo - Background102 Tree Topper

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