Hide Camouflage is a vision that dates back to my first interactions in high school with photo manipulation software. 8 jobs, 5 industries and almost 20 years later I have finally (along with a loving and supportive wife) learned enough to bring that vision to life.

A Wisconsin based, family owned, business dedicated to providing our enthusiasts the ability to create the worlds most innovative camouflage designs by offering a wide variety of elements, colors, and options to create a truly unique and customized camouflage pattern.
The only camouflage company in the world with the ability to address each consumers requests on an individual basis. 
We think that's pretty badass.
As a company, we strive to continuously upgrade both our element options and our apparel offerings to deliver our enthusiasts a premium custom product. 
Our goal is NOT to replace the apparel you've purchased to keep you dry in a torrential downpour or to keep you warm on a -30 degree day. Instead, we are here to provide you with an affordable skin, or HIDE, that you can design to the very specific conditions of the terrain, vegetation, and personal tastes of your next adventure. 
We truly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
Sincerely,  JLKind & Family