Let's take a few minutes to cover our unconventional but common sense warranty policy. 

     First, let me start out by stating that I am greatly appreciative of all of our customers, and the feedback that we have received from them over the years. Our product line is an honest composition of comments, reviews, ideas, thoughts and requests from the folks who have invested in our business and products.

     With that said, If our product fails you or if it does not meet your expectations the first thing you need to do is let us know about it. Why? We expect to be given the opportunity to remedy the situation. The goal is always to reach a solution that everyone is happy with. 

     We will ask questions because we want to know there is an isolated issue or a potential design flaw that needs a solution. Do we need to change product descriptions to manage customer expectations? Is there a stage in our manufacturing processes need refining? We want ALL the information so we can make sure we know how our products are performing.

     Our reputation, our customer service, and the quality of our product line is the foundation of who we are. We absolutely want you to be satisfied.

     Bottomline... We don't want your money if you're not happy. 

     Let's take a minute to touch on a few common sense advice/thoughts you should consider when purchasing from Hide Camouflage.

1.) If you're ordering a custom piece of apparel and are concerned about things like color or fabric consider ordering a smaller single item or emails us and request a printed fabric sample prior to investing in a full custom suit.

2.) If you tear your crotch out crossing a barb wire fence that would NOT be considered a warranty issue. 

3.) We are not some nameless, faceless corporation selling on Amazon that just throws products, refunds, and free shipping at everyone. We answer emails and take phone calls and should be able to answer any questions you might have prior to ordering. 

4.) Don't be a "KAREN" There is a zero, zilch, nada warranty policy for a "KAREN"