Have a bar or restaurant? A sporting goods store? Club or organization?
Want more than just another screen printed or embroidered piece of apparel?
At Hide Camouflage we have invested countless hours into creating new and interesting designs from scratch for the both the fishing and hunting world. 
Add your logo and branding to any of our designs and provide your customers or members with a unique piece of apparel that sets you apart from all others. 
Custom production runs can take 30 to 45 days to complete depending on current production schedule. 
Pricing discounts available at the following quantities (20, 35, 50, 100) for the following products (hoodies, long sleeve crew collar t-shirts, short sleeve crew collar t-shirts)
Choose from any of our predesigned pieces or create your own custom camo with our Hide Camouflage Custom Camo Builder. 
 Interested? Email us your ideas and let's see what we can build together.