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Hide Camouflage

Fall Corn Stalk - "HELL YES!" Series - Cargo Cover Pant

Fall Corn Stalk - "HELL YES!" Series - Cargo Cover Pant

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3 years of work, testing, revising, and testing again finally bring to you the "Hell Yes!" Series of clothing. I have taken all of your comments and suggestions and combined them into our best product yet. I am excited to bring this to all of you.
I get many questions about female sizing so during this photo shoot I brought along Mrs. Hide Camouflage to illustrate how our clothing fits the female form. She is 5'4" and wearing the 28"/30" waist and 32" inseam... I am 5'11' and wearing the 36"/38" waist and 32" inseam

Features include:
A flexible waist to allow for variations in body shape and underlayer requirements.
Stretchable material for form fitting comfort.
Easily dress yourself without removing your boots.
Ample pockets for all of your gear.
Made from baseball pant material
Easy to hem if necessary. 
NOT waterproof.

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