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Hide Camouflage

Fall Corn Stalk - "HELL YES! Series" - Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Fall Corn Stalk - "HELL YES! Series" - Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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3 years of work, testing, revising, and testing again finally bring to you the "Hell Yes!" Series of clothing. I have taken all of your comments and suggestions and combined them into our best product yet. I am excited to bring this to all of you.
I get many questions about female sizing so during this photo shoot I brought along Mrs. Hide Camouflage to illustrate how our clothing fits the female form. She is 5'4" and wearing a Large T-Shirt... I am 5'11' and wearing a XL T-Shirt

Features include:
Solid construction for durable, long lasting performance.
Stretchable material for form fitting comfort.
Moisture wicking.
My only concern is that the neck is a little tight if you have a LARGE neck consider ordering one size over larger than your normal shirt size. 
NOT waterproof.
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